About Us

We are an experienced wireless company that provides secure wireless computing, video and voice solutions, and ISP solutions. We were created because we recognized the need to remove the Time & Material model and stop price gouging large companies who need highly reliable wireless network infrastructures on time and on budget.

We’ve spent the last 19 years perfecting our craft and know no one else has the knowledge and experience to provide the results we deliver. When we install wireless data, video and voice communications, they are secure, simple to understand, and easy for your company to implement.

We also provide support throughout the process, starting when you first contact us and continuing well after the installation is complete.

Our mission is to constantly innovate and test solutions that will reduce costs and improve efficiencies for our customers. We do this because we’re not just another wireless networking company; we’re a customer service company who happens to do wireless networking very well.

Community Outreach

Our Heart Lies within the communities we serve. As a corporation, we are aware of our responsibilities to the community. Since 1994, we’ve been actively involved with helping others through the Red Cross, Big Brother/Big Sisters, Good Will, Faith Farm and volunteer programs. We also encourage our employees to find ways to help others and reward them for their community service.