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  • As a certified installer for several manufacturers, we offer extended system warranty services on all projects we install.
  • Performance Guarantee: Advanced Wireless Turnkey Solutions, Inc. warrants all network designs and certified installations as follows:

System Designs are guaranteed upon completion.  Changes in building structure, landscaping, construction, interference sources, and interference power levels or inventory levels will likely affect the results of our site design.  We can usually make adjustments to the design to successfully mitigate any new coverage issues.  Adjustments to the site design resulting from anything out of the control of Advanced Wireless Turnkey Solutions, Inc., will result in additional site evaluation costs at the customer’s expense.

Self-Install:  A System Certification will be required, at the customer’s expense, prior to any guarantees or service contracts will be valid. Hardware manufacturers will be responsible for all warranty claims unless otherwise specified in the “Service Contract”.

AWT Solutions Install:  All materials and fabricated productions supplied and installed by Advanced Wireless Turnkey Solutions, Inc. are covered for a period of 1 year from the date of installation.  All other equipment is covered by original manufacturers’ warranties. 

Equipment Failures:  In the event an On-site service call is a hardware issue, we will bill you at our site-time rate of $150 per hour plus expenses. 

Coverage / Project Requirement(s) Changes: Changes in project requirements, which result in additional site design time, may result in additional site evaluation costs.

  • Service contracts are available to support ongoing customer activities and preventive maintenance on customer accounts. Service contracts are tailored to individual customer needs.  Our Service Contracts typically include:
  • Any issues revolving around RF coverage or lack of coverage in predetermined and Advanced Wireless Turnkey Solutions, Inc. will rectify certified areas at our expense, to include Additional equipment needs and labor.
  • Level 2 telephone support
  • On-site support
  • Travel & Expenses included
  • Hot swap services

Turnkey System Designs/Installations any defects in the Design Plan, including lack of coverage in predetermined areas, will be corrected promptly at no additional cost to Customer, provided Advanced Wireless Turnkey Solutions, Inc. performs the installation of the system(s) for the stated project.